RD, What’s Hot/Not for Mac EVDO?

RD, long time no see. Hope you’re doing well out there in the aether.

What’s the latest poop on Macs and EVDO? Anything good brewing? Anything GREAT!?

Also, any changes in the way these smart cards are registering with the OS? Or, do you and I need to sit down with a bag of Cheetos and some Jolt Cola and do some coding? (I’d trade the Cheetos in if you’ll bring Dana the coding Gawd! 🙂

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2 Comments on “RD, What’s Hot/Not for Mac EVDO?”

  1. aRdent Says:

    The Novatel U720 will be shipping any day now, which is good news for WinPC owners with Express slots that are tired of using Phone-as-modem. The bad news for MAC users is still no drivers from Apple, or from Novatel or Sprint. It sure would be nice to have a MacBook with Bootcamp to try the activation on.

    In another development. If you are using a Sprint EVDO Rev. 0 or Rev. A card and are prompted to upgrade firmware/software, choose Yes if you’d like a new card right away, because there’s a very good chance that the firmware update will either fry the card or fail to complete, with the same functional result.

    Good news is more cities getting EVDO Rev. A this year. San diego is live now. Complete list at: http://www2.sprint.com/mr/news_dtl.do?id=13980

    Dana might just be the person for this. He’s left the day job behind and focusing on his luthier efforts and consulting. I’ll send you the contact info.

    Feel free to edit and chop if I’ve run too long or put in something that will attract the wrong kind of traffic back.

  2. gwhiz Says:

    THAT’s what I’m tawkin bout!

    I’d love to bang out some drivers. Looking forward to rec’v his vCard. GB out

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