Consequences of Blogging

Something oddly cool is happening as I blog. I’m making freinds in far away places (Seattle, Boston, Palo Alto, Menlo Park, San Francisco, Austin, Cork..) and finding I’m far more in tune with the breaking news and goings on in the tech world than most people I interact with on a daily basis.

All because of blogging and RSS.

I basically went from somewhere in the middle of the news stream (far from the LAST to know). But, now, I’m among the first… particularly on Mac OS stuff. People are now asking me if I had heard about Zune or Vista’s ship date or OPML or any number of things. Sometimes I can say, “Sure, and let me share some sources you might like to keep up with.” I still like to act surprised though 🙂 Keeps people from thinking I’m a too much of an RSS dweeb. Also, pick up some good sources from other peeps that way too!

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