Um, NO! Mr. Byrne.

David Byrne of the Talking Heads characterizes my party the following way on his blog:

“If these are the Republican ideals (and judging by the rampant corruption and entitlement in congress and elsewhere one would have to say it is) then changing the politicians will not clean the sheets. Not overnight.”

Mr. Byrne, to equate the dispicable acts of politicians to the character of an entire party is to do precisely what I found so nasty about the Clinton years. The actions of a small group or individual do not define me or my party any more than Clinton’s finger wagging, lies on television defined the Democratic party. My grandmom’s a registered voting Democrat. Her team let her down. Mine’s let me down.

I think you’re right on one key point though Mr. Byrne (if no other): we’ve gone from kidding ourselves we have a representational form of government to now knowing we actually don’t. The politicians serve only their own interests and the entities behind the money that keeps them there.

NEVER, EVER vote for the incumbent! & Single-term limits across the board!

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