Elton John… Pious?!

My favourite song in the whole wide world, “Daniel” is by a man I couldn’t disagree with more this morning… Sir Elton John. Well, at least on one of his points. “ban religion”!? Indeed! The very notion of THAT is absurd.

People of all persuasions have been persecuted all throughout history by the religious and non-religious alike. So, to single out Religion as the source of the homosexual ire in the world, while understandable, is flat wrong.

I’m a practicing Catholic. A few of my neighbors and quite a few of my friends are openly gay. And, some are not so open about it. I don’t despise them. I don’t shun them. We have them over for dinner. We’ve gone to their parties, mingled with their friends and made new friends of our own as a result. The best man in my wedding is gay. Michelle and I’ve talked and should one of our kid-o’s come out of the closet one day… Gonna love em. No change.

So, Sir Elton, to paint us all with that brush of yours is a bit out of whack. Some of us ARE actually trying to make the world a better place. To which I will disagree with your second point, that people in your field have been lax in doing something about the world’s state (ala BandAid and We Are the World). Bono’s efforts via The One Campaign are far more broad than you obviously care to know. I’m not so certain what Sir Elton’s cause is but he might do well to peek outside his hidey hole and participate in the larger world around him.

Still… Love your muisc!

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