Prerelease of Web 4.0 Anyone?

Does anyone know where I can get a prerelease version of Web 4.0? 😉

This “Web X dot Oh” versioning has gone a bit off the edge. Even Fred Wilson of the A VC Blog is confused as to what version did what! Now, if he’s confused after funding through the bubble and into the current one… well, all I can say is I hope the next version has an easy upgrade path and better instructions than the last one. Might be easier to tell one from the other. Better packaging wouldn’t hurt either!

* Web 4.0 is definitely the registered trademark of someone who’s undoubtedly going to serve me with a cease and desist should I ever decide to publish a magazine or hold an event with said name. So, all due credit to said trademark holder whoever you are (O’Reilly?) It’s sure not mine and I don’t want it.

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