Cepstral Voices for OSX

Did you know your Mac can speak “input” back to you? Yep and here’s how…

Open Terminal (in your Applications -> Utilities folder).
Type the following and press the enter key

say Hello, I’m a Mac

Nice trick. But what if you want a different voice? Type some of the following

say -v Bruce Hello, I’m a Mac

Neat too. What if you want to read an entire text file? Type

say -v Bruce -f Path/To/File/Here/readthis.txt -o Path/To/File/Here/saiddthis.aiff

The text file above needs to be clearly called by it’s path name. An easy way to do this is after you type the -f drag your file into the terminal and the path will automatically be typed for you. After you press enter your Mac will render an aiff file to whatever path you specify.

Now, all that’s good and fine. But, if you want a better voice you can either wait for Alex (a voice coming in Leopard) or you can go to Cepstral.com and sample some of their ELEGANT voices! I just bought “William” a male, U.K. voice. One thing to note… the Cepstral voices don’t use “say” for terminal commands. They use “swift” which is not available until you download and install one of their voices. I’d highly recommend you download at least one of their voices and tinker with it. REALLY cool!

As a final note… in order to distribute the derived audio you will need to have a license to do so. Which is why I don’t yet have a sample file available for you to hear. Still, you can get the gist on their site.

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