ANY Radio Station Streamed RFN!

Oh… SO COOL! KMOD is a local radio station with one of the best morning programs in the nation (the Roy D. Mercer character has done some laugh your butt off funny stuff over the years). KRMG is a station that’s GREAT for local Tulsa reports (particularly for weather right now). But, they don’t stream in a Mac friendly way. will take ANY four letter call symbol and turn it into a stream if you use it to make a fully qualified domain in your browser window. Friggin awesome! (hat tip to Tim O’Reilly… I love that guy!). I can take that Radio Shark off my Christmas list now!

Wish I could take the Akamai URL they’re using and pop it into iTunes… Anyone out there figures this one out lemme know in the comments. If I figure it out before you… I’ll edit the post with instructions.

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