Leopard’s New Skin

EDIT (Tuesday; December 12, 2006 5:01 PM US Cental Time): Client Build 9A321 and Server Developer Preview Build 9A318b just went up at Developer.Apple.com and I’ve slurped them down. If you like this post you’ll love my “Leopard’s Evolution” entry… an ongoing post of the daily divulging and sightings of Leopard’s purported feature-set.

Apparently the newest build of Leopard (released Tuesday) is going to sport some nifty new GUI (this from MacShrine). It’s also the first time I’ve seen anyone also stating they think Apple’s on a second-Tuesday release schedule… Which means January ought to be interesting (MacWorld SF).

Looks like Sync Manager has replaced iSync (good!), BootCamp is included (sans instructions), Spotlight’s sporting new meta search goodness, and my favorite early info — Safari has improved RSS and inline vod/podcasting conveniences.

The GUI I’ve been seeing in both the most recent previous releases of client and server are not all that different than the mix-mux of brushed metal and aqua we’ve been seeing in 10.4.x and all the purported 10.5 screen shots on the various Mac news outlets. My NDA with Apple (nothing more than an ADC Select developer) prevents me from divulging details. Suffice it to say I think Apple’s likely to pull the rug out from under us and reveal a slick new bunch of skin soon. (Shiny black would be nice dontcha think?)

I’m hoping for a simultaneous updating of Server too as I still can’t get Teams to do it’s thing at 100% capability. I got my Christmas wish… it’s downloading as I type.

Please, consider adding the RSS feed of the gWHIZ blog to your collection. And, if you’re feeling really giddy about Leopard… a link back to https://gwhiz.wordpress.com/ would be nice. Our next big event is the live blogging of Macworld SF 2007. The live blogging of WWDC06 was awesome.

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One Comment on “Leopard’s New Skin”

  1. Guru Panguji Says:

    @ gwhiz: Whatever said and done, LOVE, make that AMAZED at the header pic :-)! Lovely idea dude(tte)

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