WordPress Top Posts

Just what does it take to make it to the top posts on WordPress? I’ve often wondered that. More out of curiosity than anything.

Well, today I found out what it takes to make it to slot #47 and it’s a lot less than I would have thought (and I’ve had more popular posts than this one before… odd). We’ve been off an on the Growing Blog list all year long.

So, for you curiousity folks…

Yesterday, Dec. 10, 2007, I made a post with a trackback to MacShrine on the topic of the upcoming Leopard developers release. And it caught a healthy dose of traffic: 30 views yesterday. So, for a Sunday, and probably a slow one at that, a post that catches 30 views is going to help you a bit. Total traffic for the gWHIZ blog yesterday weighed in at 175 views.

Since the Leopard post is sitting at 130 views right this second it’ll be interesting to see if the gWHIZ blog pulls its weight on a Monday.

So, there you have it for those other curious souls out there. It’s not as hard as it appears… 175 views on a slow Sunday will do it for you or a post with 30 views all of its own. That and trackbacks on a hot topic with a good draw and a good headline… 🙂

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