iTunes Sales Are UP!

The question at AppleInsider Are Apple’s iTunes music sales plummeting?

Forrester may have conducted a big whopping credit card study that concluded cc use is down. Yeah, of course it is! One of the parents here at the J.O.B. has cut off the credit card use to their kids because it went over the top. Apple and their retailers (Target, Sams Club and everyone else authorized to do so on the planet) is selling the gift cards like friggin crazy! I’d bet a shiny nickel iTunes purchases (dollar for dollar) are actually up lifted by the higher priced tickets like movies and TV Shows catching on as evidenced by this from Forrester, “iPod sales quadrupled and Apple’s grew digital download inventory on iTunes significantly as video and movie catalogs joined the plethora of digital music tracks”.

“These dabblers made on average 5.6 transactions, with the median household making just three a year,” the report states. “The median transaction was slightly under $3.”

OK, I can grok that. After all if you factor all the free Tuesday downloading going on… Hell yes the median transaction’s going to be in the tank. Nah, Apple’s revenues are likely up and that’s a good sign for Apple, the labels and legitimate iPod usage.

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