Grinch That Stole The iPhone

Brian Lam at Gizmodo’s pointing to the far left field wall and saying he KNOWS the iPhone will be announced Monday and it’s not what he expected, that he said too much and left the room.

erm… OK.

It might not be Apple (he doesn’t say, but who else would it be? Creative!?). It might not be hardware… there is that pesky little pic of an iChat answering machine floating about.

So, what Brian’s pimping but not fully spoiling is maybe going to be seen on Monday. I think it would be a hoot if Apple has finally found a real, substantial leak inside their outfit and can hang their hide out for everyone to see. Cause if this isn’t real… if it doesn’t happen… at the very least that hide is going to be Brian Lam’s. That’s spelled L. A. M.

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