Merry Christmas!

To all our friends… a Very Merry Christmas!

Especially grateful to: Michelle for putting up with my RSS and blogging habit; TDavid for making me go Hmm more than I thought I would; Everyone at WordPress for helping fuel the movement; RD for his diligent scoops of EVDO goodness this year; Messrs. Robert Scoble, Guy Kawasaki, Seth Godin, Fred Wilson, Dave Winer and Tom Peters for all the great conversations; Mr. Buzz Bruggeman and Mrs. Maryamie Scoble for asking extremely good questions; RocketBoom for setting the vlogging world on fire; WIRED magazine for the fun podcasting interview (special thanks go to Steve Rubel of Micro Persuasion for kicking that off); Mr. Dale Pate for saving me a lot of time and money on developing Grocio; the One Campaign for watching out for those who can’t watch out for themselves (congrats to Sir Bono)… I still have a few free wristbands for the asking; Google for keeping Urchin alive; ALL the fine folks at Apple and their suppliers – without you this blog most certainly would not exist.

Finally and most importantly a Very Merry Christmas to YOU and YOUR loved ones. We hope your 2006 has been wonderful and that the true spirit of Chistmas has rekindled that special je ne c’est quoi.

Lots of love from us to you on this very special Christmas day! ~The Buckleys

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