Dad’s 45rpm vinyl to MP3

This was a LOT easier than I expected it to be. I started with 300 of the little 45rpm records and a Denon turntable. By Christmas I had turned a lot of those little records into music dad can now enjoy in his car.

It was really straight forward. Connected the turntable to the Tuner. Stepped the stereo headset jack down to a 1/8″ mic plug and connected that directly to the computer. Used Sound Studio Pro to capture the audio in stereo. Performed a little cleanup trimming, filtering and equalizing and the results are actually really listenable.

If I had it to do all over again I’d use some of the audio tools Michelle has from the Final Cut Pro Studio HD package to get the clicks and hissing out. But, the good thing is… Dad can enjoy music he hasn’t listened to in over 30 years. And, best I can tell, it’s all legal and within the realm of the kosher. They’re his albums. He owns them. The derivative work is in his hands and I don’t retain any of the recordings. So, best I can tell it’s all above board.

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