GTD Resolution. How’d I Do?

It was a fantastic year (with only a very few days to go).

Brought our beautiful baby girl home to join her two big brothers and lost lots of sleep early in the year.

I still managed to keep first things first. Maintained a healthy focus and good balance between family, fun and work.

Still learning XCode, AJAX and Rails. Still learning Arabic and Farsi. Made progress on all those. Have more progress to make too.

Joined the health club and haven’t quite pulled off the weight I wanted but think it’s at least not ‘table muscle’ now.

Thanks to blogging at least once per day for the last year, I managed to learn a hellacious amount about my Mac, what it can do, what it’s about to be able to do (thanks to Leopard) and all the integration… namely cell phones and entertainment systems… which reminds me to blog about Dad’s 45s. Yeah, I cut them over to MP3s for him for Christmas.

Still renovating “2630” which is our house. Master bedroom was finished just in time for baby to come home. But, then the upstairs bathroom flooded the downstairs while I was out of town on business. So, we gutted the downstairs bathroom and the guest house just in time for summer. I’m not going to drywall at the peak of summer. Not fun. So, I stripped the front of the house and began painting just in time for the first snow storm of the year. Will finish the painting this coming week IF the temperature cooperates. Otherwise, it’ll be spent inside building drawers for the kitchen.

The ONLY two things that didn’t get done were my split bamboo flyrods and the Grocio deal. That last one just unraveled in a foul, bad kind of way. For those of you who weren’t around then… I was developing a comparison grocery shopping engine and ran aground at the proof of concept stage and was on the verge of being sued by another outfit with a pending patent for the technology. Which, to these untrained eyes has not yet been issued. Really wish I had the cash to have defended that one. That’s the biz though.

Otherwise, a really fine year on all fronts. How did you do against your resolutions?!

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