Free MacTablet With Leopard Preinstalled!?

There’s a lot of poop flying about regarding the thousand or so laptops Microsoft’s PR company has sent out.

First… Whoop Dee Doo! Good for those thousand or so chosen few. I’m sure there will be plenty of good, constructive things said about Vista and maybe even more good constructive things writ about the workhorse laptops chosen as the delivery vehicle. Put yourself in their shoes. Would you dare send that eval out on a weenie machine? Not if you want the best possible experience you wouldn’t.

Second… If the point is to harp on the authors/reporters/bloggers who don’t disclose they’re working on a loaned machine I can fully support the complaint. If Apple sent me a MacTablet with Leopard preinstalled and fine tuned to Mr. Jobs’ highly stable MWSF standard… not only would I disclose it, I’d Digg it, I’d FLICKR it, I’d probably disappear with it to some far away place until it was sadly time to send it back.

Third… There might be some question lingering as to whether the chosen few know they’re supposed to send the machines back. DUH!

This sounds like so much childish jealousy. Frankly, I think Microsoft is doing precisely what their shareholders expect… Now, about that MacTablet guys… I’ll be happy to provide you with a shipping address. Just have your peeps ring my peeps. 🙂

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