Cisco’s iPhone Trademark

You don’t get much more transparent than this… News@Cisco Notes: UPDATE on Cisco’s iPhone Trademark

The above straight from Cisco’s lead counsel.

So, what’s at stake? Someone’s either going to find themselves unable to use the trademark iPhone or they’re going to be licensing terms from the other party. Question is, who is who in this deal?

Apple must feel pretty confident in the approach. Some ace-in-the-hole action perhaps. Still Apple’s no stranger to just proceeding hell-bent-for-leather and coughing up serious chump change (Creative settlement comes to mind) at a later date.

Cisco seems bent on pursuing this NOW rather than later. Might be a flawed move. At least later they could exhibit market cap on the concept and sue for serious damages. Gotta defend their IP though… there is that little SNAFU.

Very hard to decouple the “iPhone” name (despite the Cisco trademark) from the Apple lineup. IF Mr. Jobs comes back in June and says… iTV = appleTV & iPhone = applePhone… I don’t think they’re much worse for wear. Cupertino had their day in the sun. Tons of press came out of it. Time will tell.

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