No Mention of Leopard?

WTF!? That’s just wrong. Plain, simple, wrong.

The show is called MACworld. Not PHONEworld. Not TVworld.

That was the biggest offense to the show I can recall.

And, despite all evidence to the contrary…. Developers did NOT see a new issue of Leopard yesterday. Hmm?

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2 Comments on “No Mention of Leopard?”

  1. It’s a PR stunt, designed to impress shareholders. Shareholders prefer surprises to “Yes, OS X.5 is looking cool but you already knew that”.
    What did you expect?

  2. gwhiz Says:

    Lawrence – What every other person in the wings hoped for… a confirmation on release. That Spring was still in the ETA. As an AAPL shareholder I’d much prefer NO surprises than bad ones.

    I think it less a PR stunt than an intentional deferrment.

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