Cisco’s iPhony

I don’t care if Cisco thunk it up themselves or if they acquired it through M&A… their’s is still the iPhony.

I spent a little time over lunch poring over their lawsuit and they actually have the stupidity to say Apple has no VoIP experience… WHAT!? iChatAV is what… Some kind of computer to computer walkie talkie?

I’m with Apple. Cisco’s lawsuit is “silly”. (Now, Apple, please kindly make that $100M check out payable Cisco Systems and let’s be on our way)

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2 Comments on “Cisco’s iPhony”

  1. Neuromancer Says:

    soory just what are you smoking apple makes small little consumer deveices CISCO makes real Networking ger not the consumer low quality stuff you buy in Pc world Frys etc.

    CISCO is Networking

  2. gwhiz Says:

    Lookit. I’ve no beef with Cisco’s networking capabilities/gear. They ought to stick to their knitting though and stop pretending to be a consumer electronics outfit. And, if they’re going to broaden their experience into consumer electronics and file “silly” suits with erroneous claims… maybe you ought to check what THEY’RE smoking… Just a thought.

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