Presentation Counts

Mr. Stan Seligman did a nosedive on stage at MacWorld San Francisco. No question. No contest. He did and there’s no denying it. “So what?” Some might say.

OK. I’ll suggest why it matters. 1) Stan Seligman is the President of the company Apple chose to debut their history making ‘next big thing’. His lack of presentation skill may not reflect a lack of enthusiasm for the announcement. But, it sure doesn’t give me the warm fuzzies. 2) Apple’s share’s rose in the neighborhood of 10% on the iPhone announcement. The lead up to which was well orchestrated in hindsight and played up to a fine pitch of hysteria, anticipation and rapt attention. Cingular probably played the good partner and sat on their hands while Cupertino whipped up the dish. But, boy, there are contrasts indeed. Cingular, destined to become just “AT&T” traded at 34.03 most of the day Tuesday last week. Makes me wonder if a little bit of that wild Steve Ballmer jujitsu had been in Seligman’s veins that day if they might have closed up at, oh, say 34.05? Hmm?

At the end of the day one thing is clear – The telco’s are probably facing a day when they no longer subsidize phones for subscribers. THAT should have made him excited as hell. And didn’t.

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