Would You Like DRM With That?

So, ok, this iTunes Store thing is beginning to ding me pretty seriously and I’m on board with Robert Scoble’s jones for HD content. I’ve spent upwards of $50 in the last two months on movies, music (non-Universal Music Group titles BTW) and television programming on the iTunes Store. Do I seem to mind DRM? At first glance, no. I’m eating that dog food right? Yes and no. I’d prefer ZERO DRM truth be told.

That’s not the world we live in right now is it? I’d like fried Twinkies for breakfast. THAT ain’t gonna happen… isn’t in the program right now. But, either is widespread HD content (with or without DRM). So, I’m happily consuming what IS available.

And, know what, I’m liking it for the most part. No commercials. Watch it as many times as I want anywhere I want (except on that 1080 set).

A little dollop of HD would be nice. But, we’ll wait for iTV to take off and see what neat new possibilities come about. Apple still has that big facility they bought that hasn’t quite lit up yet… Time will tell.

The primary reason for this post is, unlike Mr. Scoble, I feel confident Apple’s product managers monitor the discussions ABOUT them (without actively taking part) and form products around where the hockey puck is going to be… to blatantly borrow from a recent keynote.

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