Leopard Server WHOA!

Just installed the latest Leopard Server and HOLY CRAPOLA! the folks in Cupertino have been working their tails off (to good effect I might add!). I was looking forward to seing what all the hubub was about the DVD Player stuff and… well, there’s nothing to report there. At least no on Server which seems to lag the workstation seeds by quite a bit. There are other features which don’t seem to be in parity. A few things that have been out in workstation and were shown at WWDC… have yet to appear in Server. Odd.

However, there is substantial progress from the last Server seed to this one. Novice admins will find it much easier to configure “things” than on previous versions of Tiger and recent seeds of Leopard. If you were looking forward to info on the Illuminous GUI I can offer you no details. However, sooner or later Apple’s going to have to give up the ghost on that one, so to speak. And as for ZFS… I haven’t even checked Disk Utility yet.

Normally, the first thing I do to determine how close we are to GM is to run System Update and if it wants to version things… we’re DARNED close. So far, though, no wisps of updates. Of course, as well cloaked as everything’s been out of Infinite Loop lately… It could all be lurking on the periphery just waiting for Mr. Jobs to give the nod. (Nod! Please, just nod!!)

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