OOF! Leopard on a PC!?

That thud you just heard… was my jaw hitting the floor after reading the mainstream media picking up on non-Apple PC’s running Mac OS X via Parallels. Yes!! Fist pumping in the air!

Some folks will think this forebodes evil in all manner of forms. However, think this through… you want Appley goodness? Fine, try it out on your PC. Want ALL the Appley goodness? Buy Appley hardware. I think it’s about time the genie was let out of the bottle.

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One Comment on “OOF! Leopard on a PC!?”

  1. taran Says:

    hi i am not much of a computer geek but i love using garage band i was looking if there is any other way i could install that on my pc(windows) and use it or if there is a way that i can keep the same hardware of my pv but install the new operating system please let me know coz if there is no way then i might have to buy a mac

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