Google Maps Mashup + Books

Macworld’s posted an article that has shot my antennae way high…

They’re mashing their Google maps together with their Google Books program in such a way that “places mentioned in this book” are readily apparent. There’s so much to like about this approach. My day job has me immersed in the worlds of GIS, Vertical Search and publishing… all geared to the highly visual and map-centric minded Geologist. It’s a super fun intersection of technology and specialists. These folks think in geography and maps and four dimensions (the X, Y and Z over time) AND are constantly trying to evaluate sources of information by way of search applications.

So, to have the ability to illustrate all the places a book mentions is just way too good to pass up. Flitting over to learn more about Google’s new APIs. Will post more as I have something to show for the effort.

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