Krugle’s Day in the Sun

Mr. Scoble’s rediscovering Krugle. Mr. Om Malik had a posting back around Thanksgiving about it. So did I. And, it’s really the bees knees. Helped me out of a few XCode jams and scripting messes.

The bigger implications as noted by Messrs. Dodge and Battelle… Vertical search is coming on strong. That’s one of the reasons I was so jazzed about my little side project, Grocio (for those who’ve forgotten, that was for local grocery shopping comparisons… It was intended to answer the question – where to go to get the least expensive checkout). And, I wholeheartedly belive vertical search is at the edges… where the real action is going to be found.

The BFD we launched October of 2005 is built on the same bedrock Krugle is built on. It’s a FANTASTIC indexing tool. It’s wicked fast and totally pliable. Best yet is it’s open source! Might also look into Nutch… Industrial strength big brother to Lucene… also open source but on a much larger scale.

So, what does all this have to do with Apple? Since this is primarily an Applish blog… Lucene’s running on our XServes. Totally rocks… I’m tellin ya!

For those not really into the whole roll your own search application… You might also like SearchBlox. It’s an installable solution built on top of Lucene. Good stuff for those who just want to get up and going with agreggated search solutions quickly.

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