Leopard Release Date II

(New entry on Leopard Client 9A337a and release date update as of Mar 6)

I should be in Atlanta today learning about Leopard in the last of the Engineering Q&A’s. Didn’t quite go as planned. Was registered and confirmed. Bad timing it turns out. Anyway…

Earlier I said in the comments of my first post regarding Leopard’s imminent release I’m convincing myself Apple won’t release Leopard’s GM on March 24. I’d love to be wrong: If they feel it’s good enough to ship… By all means ship.

And, as you know, being on the ADC Select side of the tracks… I’m slurping down every seed posted and evaluating them from several points of view. Mostly Server and very specifically the web servers, Teams and PodCast Server. All of which ROCK!

Now we have suggestions WWDC 07 will be in June. And here’s where it gets interesting… This is a bit early by recent standards, for WWDC. But, there’s been this line drawn in the sand that Leopard will be out “SPRING 2007”. Well, early June technically is still Spring. So, I think Apple’s either hedging that if March 24 isn’t their date… then June is the big coming out party. Or, perhaps the June WWDC (if it turns out to be in June at all) might be the big peek under the hood of the latest release.

That’s the great thing about Apple… they keep us guessing, chatting it up and loving whatever comes out.

(EDIT OF FEB 20: There’s a Financialwire.net report suggesting an end of March release. Unless Apple pulls some kind of rabbit from their underpants… I don’t see it happening given the current state of the seeds.)

(EDIT OF APR 12: Apple’s waived off and revised Leopard for an October release. THAT SUCKS!)

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