Security Through Obscurity

The debate rages and many people feel Mac OS is secure because it’s just not large enough in marketshare to attract the attention of all the malicious or fame-seeking hackers out there.

OK. I can kinda buy that. Cool, I’m secure cause no one cares enough to fiddle with my platform. Do I really care? I’m secure for some reason. By accident is even good enough reason quite frankly. A lot of people are secure becuase their computer isn’t connected to anything outside and doesn’t swap spit with any other computer.

But, then this little twerp inside of me thinks… “Hey, that’s just an opportunity for that much MORE fame.” Right? I mean… if I’m the only guy borking up the Mac platform aren’t I, by default going to be king for a day? Who wouldn’t want to set foot on the moon first!? So, the more I get to thinking about it the more I’m thinking either it’s harder to write a bugaboo for Mac OS X or hackers are just picking at the low hanging fruit of the most susceptible OS’s out there which happens not to be the Mac OS.

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