Apple Inc & Leapfrog!?

Mr. Jobs recently came out and said iPhone was going to leapfrog all the other “smart phones”. OK, good and fine. I’ll put a wee little bit of trust in that one.

However, why is it OS X isn’t doing the same leapfrog of Vista!?

Yeah, yeah… I know It’s taken Redmond umpteen different attempts to get it out the door. Blah, blah. So, what? The perception is the gap is much reduced between MS OS and Apple’s OS with the release of Vista. I’ve seen and tinkered with Leopard for some months now. What works… works well and is a natural progression of the operating system.

When is Apple going to release an OS that just totally blows the experience out of the water? When are they going to “leapfrog” themselves? (Leopard ain’t it… unless the ultra secret stuff has some kind of magic pixie dust in it)

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