Nexo? Not So Fast. Literally.

My first impressions of Nexo… it’s slow.

So, first lesson to any startup. If you show at DEMO or something like it… The best you can hope for is some serious word of mouth. In return you better have plenty of resources to burn back at the farm. Support staff for calls/emails. Computing power and redundancy.

Nexo’s getting some good mentions by Mr. Furrier and Mr. Scoble. So, I go to try it… and S-L-O-W.

Finally get logged in and I’m not so impressed with their blogging area. No formatting. No linking. Funky tagging. If there’s RSS I’m hard pressed to find it. Well, found it (hiding down in the lower right corner). My site at Nexo is here.

First impressions are important. While I’m quick to try something new out when the buzz is high. My attention span and adoption are quick to go elsewhere if it’s not intuitive, FAST and compelling. I’m not seeing it with Nexo.

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2 Comments on “Nexo? Not So Fast. Literally.”

  1. John Furrier Says:

    they have some work to do but after talking to the founders they have a nice platform. They don’t have enclosures yet for media – they need to fix that fast. Otherwise a great start and I think that it has possibiites.

  2. gwhiz Says:

    Possibilities? Oh, no doubts about it. Yahoo! and Google Groups had both better mobilize. But, I sure wouldn’t buy into the whole… “Our server went down cause we’re so popular.” Think Wal*Mart said that after they went down day after Thanksgiving? Nexo’s gotta get their platform under control or the lag will drive people away.

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