24. I’m Becoming My Parents.

Apple iTunesRemember weeknights when the family would hunker down in front of the tube? Maybe it was Dallas or Golden Girls or Dynasty or Mork. Whatever it was there was probably something that the house would sit down and watch. Well, our kids are 5 and under. So, if it’s not Thomas the Train or some animated Pixney story (Pixar + Disney = Pixney) then we don’t watch it. Except for my 24 habit. iTunes Store has a hook in me. Why? No commercials!

It’s not even that the story is all that compelling. But then either was Little House on the Prarie or The Waltons or Murder She Wrote. I know plenty of people who peeled off MANY an hour of their lives to step away from the yoke of the day and lose themselves in some story or other.

Right now we have Cox Cable and we don’t own ANY of that programming. We’ve watched it & it’s gone down the drain. Now, at least I have something for the money and time. I think I’m liking the hook Cupertino has in my jaw.

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