In prep for Leopard in and Tiger out… I’m backing up my stuff.

My goal is a fresh, clean, empty, “all messages read” Inbox.

I have just backed up my Inbox via two methods. Ever hear of the “belt and suspenders” approach? Well, it basically goes like this… if you don’t trust your backup… you create a second backup. Get it? Belt AND Suspenders. Just so you don’t get caught with your pants down.

So, what’d I do? I “archived” my Inbox by dragging it from’s message viewer to an external drive = Belt.

Second, I ran Doug Blatti’s EXCELLENT script which presumably did a much more thorough backup of my plists, my various accounts, etc.

And, most recently, I went and selected all of my December 31,2006 and earlier messages and pressed the big red Delete button at the top of the Message Viewer window of That blew away all my 2006 and 2005 messages. Gone. Bye-bye. Next was to quit and “rebuild” the Inbox (just to sweep all the bugaboos into the dustbin).

Now I’m running a much reduced Inbox. Everything is archived for safekeeping and I’m looking at a nice swift migration once my baby Leopard arrives.

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