DRM’s Eulogy

Mr. Jobs, CEO of Apple has penned DRM’s eulogy in advance. The poison pen has been employed. It will be interesting to see which label folds first.

OR! COULD IT BE THE APPLE (aka Beatles) LABEL IS GOING TO COME ON DRMless!? Would that not be cool. How better to tee this letter up than to tout the coming demise of DRM with one such monster label in your pocket.

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One Comment on “DRM’s Eulogy”

  1. aRdent Says:

    Once again Steve pegs it down with data. Why all the fuss about DRM for 3% of the tunes. Think DRM is a mess with audio, what about the ongoing HD DVD war. The future is delivery of any media without a “disc” or more importantly having to choose which “disc” player to buy based on the catalog it can support. See any other intersting new media hardware from Apple?

    Too bad BBC Technology is looking at their feet instead of the path ahead. (http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/technology/6338603.stm)

    There’s more than movies too. Do a Google search for “broadcast data receiver patent”

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