Ruby on Rails, a Mac & a Mongrel

Hive Logic

My link blog is was really pretty skinny… That’s one of my main to-do’s on the blog this year… to promote the heck out of all the great stuff I bump into throughout the course of my nocturnal cycle (kids are in bed, Michelle’s nodding off and my third shift is just starting).

However, if you’re the least bit interested in Ruby On Rails and what it can do on your Macs… Check this out! Back when I was just getting started with ROR it was not nearly as easy to get up to speed as the guys at HiveLogic have made it. Kudos to them for championing Ruby on the Mac. Fantastic stuff!

PS – There are reasons (namely Leopard) why Mongrel ought to be in Mac Developers’ lexicon RFN. Hint – It’s an integral component of the Teams platform as well as the Podcast Producer suite.

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