TWO FREE DivX Pro Serials (Windows)

Update: FREE Mac DivX Pro licenses available for a limited time…

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DivX codecSteven at DivX has VERY graciously provided me two DivX Pro for Windows serials, no strings attached. So, this Sunday night I’ll award one each to the two best essays submitted to the comments below as to what you need them for. Doesn’t matter if you’re a student, a pro, a hack… the two best essays each get a DivX Pro serial. Pass this URL onto your friends who might be interested. I hope comments get really outrageous πŸ™‚

I’m a BIG fan of this codec. To see it at it’s finest… Simply go to Stage6!

Maximum transparency/disclaimer: I am in no way beholden to DivX and they have NOT compensated me in any way other than to provide the occassional serial number for their Pro apps (which, except for the one I’m using, I’ve given away to readers of the gWHIZ blog)

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30 Comments on “TWO FREE DivX Pro Serials (Windows)”

  1. […] been given TWO DivX Pro for Windows Serials again from Steven at DivX. Giving them away. See my new post on how to bag one for […]

  2. promoguy Says:

    Did you ever get any takers on your last 2 Divx serial giveaways? If not here’s mine:

    I have Beyond TV and it records to MPEG as default. This was fine, I’d just brun my shows on a data DVD and take it to the home DVD player. Well, it died and I replaced it. BeyondTV doesn’t include DivX as an option, they require you purchase a plugin. Well, that wasn’t an issue until I found out our new DVD player only supports DivX and Xvid, not MPEG. Yeah, weird. So now I’ve hit a wall. I want to keep the DVD player but I don’t want to purchase DivX (though worth it). My use will be for converting MPEGs to Divx for better playback, and smaller file storage size. Thanks!

  3. gwhiz Says:

    Well, see how easy THAT was!? Promoguy’s the only one to post all this time and gets one of the serials. There’s still one up for grabs. Let’s see who needs it most. Could be YOU!

  4. positivem8 Says:

    I wonder if the second serial ever got taken?

    I am just starting out building a home media server with a 1.5TB NAS so that I can stream video & music throughout my home. I have the house wired up with cat 5e cable and everything is good to go – now all I need is a video codec πŸ™‚

    As DIVX is the best and I really only want to go through this once I thought a PRO license would be the ultimate way forward and complement all the other top notch kit going into the house!

    Reasons for me going for DIVx – final file size, picture quality & encoding performance πŸ™‚


  5. gwhiz Says:

    Andy – The second license is YOURS! Something this phenomenal should not have taken nearly three months to give away! Glad it’ll be going to such a fine cause though. Be watching your email and congrats to you and your living room.

  6. trex2strike Says:

    Div X Pro is the ultimate movie format to watch the action . try your self

  7. TIa Says:

    I’m totally new on this divx and avi file scene. But knowing when the next giveaway will be would be great. I hunt and I search to find out how to playback these avi files I have……sigh……the search goes on and so does the learning.

  8. gwhiz Says:

    Misty – I’m sorry if this comes out like linkbait… But, subscribe to my rss feed and you’ll know as quickly as possible.
    I’m at the mercy of the generosity of my friends at DIVX.

  9. jedimacfan Says:

    What nmakes DivX better than H.264? I don’t have any experience with DivX at all, but H.264 looks great on everything I have ever played it on.

  10. gwhiz Says:

    Jedi – One thing that stands out is the DivX codec has been embedded in LOTS of electronics such as DVD players, et al. H.264 is barely deployed in YouTube (despite all the potential H.264 is not, to my knowledge, deployed in anything beyond the desktop, AppleTV and iPhone).

    Take a look at and then Apple’s version of some of the same trailers. Sure, they’re comparable. I think QuickTime has a better streaming solution. DivX has a better codec.

  11. MV Yohannan Says:

    Divx is just dreadfully good.

  12. MV Yohannan Says:

    It is quite clear and has digital effect. And I would like to say that the joy that gives in watching Divx is great.

  13. Kevin Casper Says:

    I’m sure this is no longer valid but I would like the serial. Here’s why I need it. I broke my left femur 4 months ago and am unable to get out of the house and even more unable to get out of bed. My leg isn’t healing and I’m in danger of having to have surgery. Now the dangerous part is I was born with a rare bone disease called Osteogenesis Imperfecta ( and have been unable to walk since I was 12 years old. My femur bones have become so brittle if I put any weight onto them they will snap. I was told years back my bones are far to brittle to hold any rods, pins, plates, screws or any other form of bone placement devises. If they have to try and pin my leg the chance is high my bone will crumble and leave me with waking up with an amputated leg. Since I haven’t been able to move there are a number of movies I’ve missed out on seeing but due to a friend I can see them over my computer now but I need the DivX converter to convert the files so I can watch them. My free trial is up and now I’m stuck again unable to see the movies I wish to see. Is there any way I can get a serial number if you still have one? Please. Everything I’ve told you above is the absolute 100% truth, I’m not just making up some sobbing pity story so I really would love it and highly appreciate it if you had a serial left to give me. Thank you again.


  14. gwhiz Says:

    Kevin – If I had it to give… Man, you’d get it in a heartbeat! As it is, I don’t have a SN to give out and am given SNs only when the nice folks at DivX choose to dish them out. I’ll certainly remember you in the next lot though!

  15. Kevin Casper Says:

    Thank you so much for that, it means a lot to know there are good caring people left in this world who look out for others. πŸ™‚ Thank you very much!

  16. Anonymous Says:

    i think no ones going for it. Hah!

  17. anuj Says:

    u assholes where is the serial ?

  18. ero neisha Says:

    i cant find it either
    where is it

  19. ero neisha Says:

    can’t somebody just send the serial?

  20. bajji Says:

    how to find if the divx in a pc is pro or not

  21. Bill Allen Says:

    I smell a scam here.

  22. @bill – No scam. In fact, feel free to contact Steven Chien at Divx. They’ll tell you I’m way above board on this operation.

  23. benedetto Says:

    i am waiting for this a long time ago.i just want the serial number.can you help?

  24. I am out of serial numbers for both Mac and Windows versions of DivX Pro. Please, feel free to comment about the nature of your interest and when I do have more I’ll happily take your story into account.

    ONE FINAL NOTE: If you have it in your mind to post a serial number in the comments of my blog it will NEVER see the light of day here. I have all comments set to be mediated before going live. If this was your intent – Please, move along.

  25. Bendiko Says:

    hey no probs. The reason i need a serial is – i am diagnosed as schizophrenic, i find it hard to be in a crowded room for a long period of time therefore cant go to the cinema to see new releases, and as i am only allowed to work 10 hours a week i simply do not have the funds to buy the serial properly. If you can help me with this it would be greatly appreciated and you will help me too indulge in my most beneficial therapy which is watching movies that keep my mind occupied. Thank you very much.

  26. Bendiko Says:

    sorry it is for a macintosh i would require a serial for, if i win, i think im too late going by the dates on the other messages. thanks.

  27. Mardane De Castro Says:

    hi! you should consider awarding the serial number to me because I am from a third world country where people are impoverished. we are even suffering from a rice crisis at present. i want to convert videos for the ipod. unfortunately, i don’t have divx. and i don’t want to resort to piracy. so please, sir, grant me the serial number. i am in dire need. πŸ™‚

  28. Scott Says:

    Hi, I, like eveyone else here would love to get a serial for DIVX Converter for PC. I am a SSG in the US Army, currently deployed to Iraq. I brought along my computer with me with all of my movies for something to do, but the dust here is not friendly to computers. I had to reformat my entire computer and lost my previous DIVX software. I downloaded the new version but the trial period has now expired. I still have 6 more months out here in no man’s land and I would really appreciate it if you could help me out.

  29. leamy Says:


    Just like everyone here I too would looove the serial code for DivX for mac….

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