Mechanical Turk: Review

Well, as promised, for giggles I picked a HIT from The Mechanical Turk and performed the work and got paid. Here’s how it went:

  • As I already had an Amazon account most of the front-end business was taken care of. Didn’t have to do any further “registration” silliness. Nice integration. Extra points!
  • The next part was figuring out which end was up. Easy enough to figure out who was offering what work for hire (they call them HITs). Harder part was figuring out how to (literally) qualify for some of the HITs available. But, once I did… a whole world opened up.
  • So, the HIT I picked was transcribing a podcast (audio to text). Fortunately, the one I picked wasn’t a boring topic and turned out to be something I knew a little something about – Public Corporate Governance and Sarbanes/Oxley. Most of the terminology and jargon I was naturally well suited to. Had it been neurosurgeons or something like that… I’d have been in trouble.
  • Finished the work. Filed it for review and a couple of hours later I had a summary of my performance (not stellar, but good enough to earn the bonus).

So, now I’m $1.50 to the good and learned a whole hell of a lot more than some Newsweek article about it. Will I do it again? No way! It’s a great way for someone to make a buck… just not me. Can I see myself on the employer end of The Mechanical Turk equation? Yeah. I think so.

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