MPAA Steals Code. True!

This sort of double standard crap really pisses me off. Here you have the MPAA sueing the snot out of everyone for “piracy” or for working on projects that might assist in the cracking of DVD codecs (before it’s ever seen the light of day). Now, I’m no advocate of piracy – software, music or video.

But, then the MPAA blatantly rips off a guys intellectual property… I think the MPAA has been caught with their hand in the cookie jar and should be treated precisely the same way they treat others. SUE THE SNOT OUT OF THEM!

I think it’d be freakin great if folks out there helped elevate this into a serious issue so that the MSM picks it up and makes the MPAA taste a bit of their own medicine. Blog about this please! All your links should point back to:
— or —

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