Daylite: REVIEW

DayliteI’ve been spending a LOT of time lately beating on my new, FAVORITE app for GTD: Daylite. Disclaimer: The software was donated to the g-WH!Z blog by Market Circle with the expectation of a review of some kind.

Initial impression was essentially, “HOLY CRAP! This looks hard”.

It isn’t.

Mathematica, on the other hand, IS both amazingly hard and amazingly powerful. Daylite is only initmidating while at the same time remaining amazingly powerful. Here’s what I mean…

The application is nicely tied into and iCal. All my contacts, all my emails, all my appointments and to-do’s are intertwingled with a correctly configured Daylite. Aye, there’s the rub!

If you’ve ever read about or (hopefully) used QuickSilver… you’ll know what I mean. A correctly configured set of preferences and you’re good to go places. If you’re not one to get under the hood and futz around with things… Well, it’ll be usable. But, tinkering and fine tuning gets you a 1970 Boss 429 doing 4 second flat quarter miles. Yeah, it’s become that powerful for me. I’m setting objectives, putting time brackets on them, hitting goals and keeping my thoughts straight and focusing on the important things and ignoring the distractions (as much as anyone can).

What’s missing?

Well, if it had a QuickSilver extension… I’d be the Bruce Li of GTD 😉 Other than that it’s the kitchen sink of productivity apps. I’ll NEVER go back to (EVER).

I’m very curious to know how Daylite’s going to play with the new iCal server (if at all) and some of the other groupware coming down the pike with Leopard Server (again, if at all).

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11 Comments on “Daylite: REVIEW”

  1. I’ve been using Dayite since this summer for our consultancy and interim management projects (28 professionals). Great toolset and indeed it looks harder than it is!
    Since I upgraded to OSX Leopard yesterday there seem to be some small sync problems but I guess Apple and Marketcircle will fix this in no time.

    Best whishes from the Netherlands,

    Ernst Wallinga
    CEO Management Resultants BV

  2. gwhiz Says:

    Ernst – Do tell more if you don’t mind. Particularly two things: How it has helped your productivity and what the difficulties with Leopard are. I’ve yet to try Daylite on my Leopard machine… so, will be curious to know if it impacts a small amount of my day to day or a significant amount. Thanks!

  3. Stephane Says:


    We’ve recently started testing/setting up DayLite at our small consulting firm. Then we upgraded to Leopard, whose quickly crashed due to the DayLite plugin. I believe market circle is working on this, so any help on your end would be appreciated. Thanks.

  4. Imran Anwar Says:

    I am happy to find you blog.

    But, I guess it has come to this, that DayLite is giving away the product to get hopefully some good reviews.

    I am hoping that your readers and you want objective reviews/comments, I strongly suggest that people considering DayLite look at all available info to ensure they don’t shoot themselves in the foot.

    I used to praise DayLite and MarketCircle. But, several of their upgrades have caused me (and others) grief. Check out their Forum discussion areas to see. Search for Synch Problems type threads.

    The current version is BUGGY still. They are good people who try hard to dix their product, but right now, the product CAN CAUSE DATA LOSS. I repeat, be prepared to do lots of work over when a synch will destroy what you put in. Normally, that can be a mere annoyance, but it is doubly horrible when you take some important phone numbers during a call, enter them in, clearly see them, and after a synch find the number, or URL, completely disappeared.

    It’s a great effort on MarketCircle’s part to make this product, but it is dangerous until they fix the issues I and others have sent in hundreds of crash reports on.

    Then there are ridiculous examples of poorly thought integration. Their field names and headings do not match up with AddressBook. Any developer writing to Mac OS X should be thinking that most people will get core functionality (and integration benefits) of the Mac’s awesome synching capabilities, through the use of built-in iSync capabilities, so one would expect them to ensure their field names etc. matched up at least to that core minimum. Not so DayLite. Instead of my opinion, feel free to follow the threads on their forums.

    I have not even opened the Pandora’s Box of what installing Leopard will do – so I am sitting waiting to install a perfectly good brand new Leopard DVD until I know for sure it will not cause DayLite to destroy more data or time or effort than usual.

    I am anxiously awaiting these issues being resolved before I buy more licenses, install them on new Macs and ship them to my team in USA and Pakistan.


  5. Imran Anwar Says:

    BTW, sorry about typos. I am typing on a screen with 7pt text. 🙂

  6. Imran Anwar Says:

    Take a look at

    to see how DayLite causes data loss. Repeatable, dangerous.

  7. gwhiz Says:

    @Imran – I’m not going to address your claim other than to say my mileage varies from what you have experienced. I’m also not going to push my luck and try to repeat your situation. My PowerBook at the office (Tiger) is running Daylite with zero issues. My personal MacBookPro running Leopard does not have Daylite installed… It’s not clear to me from your screen shots which OS you are using. Thinking 10.4.x looking at the NSView panes of the windows and the Spotlight icon.

    I will however, invite Jill McCubbin and AJ to speak directly to the matter here. Guys… you have the floor.

  8. AJ Says:

    Many people have tried to help Imran – but it seems something is not working for him. Here is quote from a user that tried to help him:

    “We all know you have had problems with Sync, but it appears that rather than working with MC support, or listening to other people on here—myself included—that have had no issues at all and have tried to help, you would much rather baselessly rubbish a fine product with no just cause. Your experience is not common, tragic though it is.”

    You can see the full thread here:

  9. gwhiz Says:

    Thanks AJ.

    Imran, I’m very sorry for the problems you’re experiencing and hope a resolution comes your way soon. MarketCircle’s products, in my experience, are exceptionally well thought out, written and designed apps. Furthermore, their support and accessibility to senior staff has impressed me to no end.

    It would be interesting to know one day when you have the opportunity to reload your various contacts and such on a stock machine if your technical difficulties vanish. (Essentially, what I’m suggesting is the problem might turn out to be localized to your particular machine and not the software. I do this gently in the hopes of not creating a flamewar over the topic.)

    All the best!

  10. For what its worth, I’ve been using Daylite since the 1.0 version and have never lost any data. Never. There have been bugs, and they’ve been minor. It crashes occasionally, but the external database it uses seems to be very robust, and there’s never been any data issues.

  11. Sean Hoyt Says:

    I’ve been using Daylite for a year now and it’s been great. There is definitely room for improvement but their team is ultra-responsive and their product is fairly solid and improving every day. I’m looking forward to trying out the iPhone app.

    No data loss here and the newest version has background backups to protect your database.

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