XCode 3

XCode3 Finally getting around to installing XCode 3. The Ruby on Rails book from SitePoint Publishing’s kinda kicked me into action.

The author reminded me of something I had forgotten… Ruby on Rails is installed in Leopard along with MySQL by default. So, I’m ramping up to get smarter about RoR, Mongrel and AJAX. Anxious to see how our ‘next gen’ OS handles everything.

You might be asking… “XCode 3!? Huh?” Yeah, XC3 is part and parcel with Leopard. Join ADC as a Select or Premier Developer and you too could buy your way into the club. Worth every penny folks!

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One Comment on “XCode 3”

  1. Tazmikella Says:

    I’m set to use Textmate for working on Ruby projects, but I was curious if Xcode has an easy way to run ruby code similar to the convenience of textmate’s rubymate feature? Or is Xcode only catered toward rubycocoa? TIA

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