Leopard Release Date

You might get the wrong ideas from some of the posts around that Leopard’s release is in the March timeframe. It isn’t set for March folks. I wish it was. It isn’t meant to be. I don’t have any special insider knowledge of when it “is”. But, based on the ADC seeds it’s not nearly fully cooked AND they’d have to be going to golden master about now for replication (packaging’s probably already done waiting for media and documentation… if any). The Leopard release date is in the April-June timeline. My bet would be June to coincide with WWDC07.

One novel bit on the frenzy of interest though is the gWH!Z blog is getting a decent dose of visitors on none other than the keyword phrase “leopard release date”. That search phrase at Yahoo! puts us at #2 on the boards and at least first page placement on Google. I love SEO and SEM stuff. So, getting choice position on semi common phrases is a kick.

Leopard Release Date Stats And, by looking at the stats on our popular original posting of the same name I’d say there’s about to be a surge of interest in Leopard that lasts right up to the actual event. And, just like it did with Tiger… will come crashing down after the release date is finally announced.

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