Mr. Softie Blinked

Ooooh, I saw this in Mr. Scoble’s link blog earlier today. Then at Mr. Battelle’s. Saw it again over at Don Dodge’s and now at Tim O’Reilly’s.

Funny thing is I was talking with Christian DiCarlo at Google Scholar just today about finalizing our deal… our content at the BFD is being indexed into Google Scholar… Our plumbing is all done and ready for the crawl.

I just don’t get how Mr. Rubin can slam Google like that. On the one hand… Google claims to be in the clear on the fair use of copyrighted material. Hard to argue against it. But, as a publisher I cannot for the life of me figure out why you wouldn’t want to participate (or NOT opt-out) of Google Scholar or Google Books. . Making a decent stack of cash in publishing is HARD. DAMNED HARD! The outfit I work for is a specialty niche publisher. Two scientific journals of our own. About twelve new books per year. Some are GREAT sellers. Some are duds. Thems the breaks.

But, to intentionally ignore Google’s reach and breadth and depth is foolish: I was at the Allen Press Emerging Technologies conference last year. Someone, I forget who, mentioned when they went live with Google Scholar they realized an immediate 30% positive pop in revenue. What publisher would ignore that!?

One who’s afraid of taking a relatively small risk. That’s who.

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