Leopard Release 9A377a

OK, it’s fairly common knowledge Apple released the Leopard 9A377a client on March 1 and Server 9A377a seed (which I’m FAR more interested in) today, March 6.

Now, less commonly known, when Apple seeds these prerelease candidates there IS a guage available to judge if the GM is coming soon. And, guess what folks, Leopard is definitely coming soon. Yeah, OK, “duh!” right? Well, hang with me here…

The reason I suspect and suggest this (and you know how cautious I am about these kinds of speculation) is that the OS is FINALLY checking for updates of software. Remember, Apple just updated QuickTime to 7.1.3 and iTunes to 7.something. Well, obviously Quicktime 7.1.3 has no business on Leopard. But, the iTunes client in the 9A377a client seed wanted to version itself through Software Update.

Folks, seeds don’t do that until they’re really close to winding down. And this one just did it! Awesome!

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2 Comments on “Leopard Release 9A377a”

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  2. gwhiz Says:

    And the seed.rtf document suggests some might fine goodies are gelling nicely in Server. MAN AM I PUMPED!

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