BluePhoneElite v2 & iPhone

Since I’m on my last couple of months with the Motorola A630 I thought I’d splurge at the last minute and go ahead and purchase BluePhoneElite. Why? Well, since my first eval I’ve kept thinking of how much goodness Zach Rosen over at Mira Software has packed into the beta 2 version of the package. It’s considerable!

So, if any of you are wondering… if this killer app will work with iPhone? or, how you can help… Zach owns about every phone he needs. But, just in case you’d like to support a worthy development effort in advance of the iPhone’s release you’d do well to buy a copy of BluePhoneElite now and be familiar with it ahead of the iPhone’s debut or check with Zach to see if maybe you have a phone he could use (once you upgrade to the iPhone).

I know, I know… the AppleTV’s not even here yet and we’re onto the next thing… yep! That’s why we’re called gWHIZ.

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