How Much Is YOUR Blog Worth?

At first blush I thought this was kinda cool…

The gWHIZ blog is worth $26,533.38.
How much is your blog worth?

Then I tried Mr. Scoble’s site with a certain very large number in my frontal lobe only to be disappointed in the ‘valuation’ tool.

Scobleizer’s blog is worth $81,858.30.
How much is your blog worth?

I mean, seriously, Mr. Scoble has like a bazillion inbound links and probably that many more outbound. He’s networked to the gills (have you seen his Twitter contacts!?… Sorry Maryam!) So, to say his blog’s worth $81K… maybe his red couch was worth that! 🙂 Likewise, to say gWHIZ is worth more than the $9 I’ve made off it is a bit of a stretch. Which brings me round to wishing Matt and co will someday open up the revenue opportunities for hosted blogs. Still, free is a tough value proposition to argue with ain’t it?

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One Comment on “How Much Is YOUR Blog Worth?”

  1. gwhiz Says:

    Now I go back, do the same thing and Scobleizer is worth over $2mm. There we go! Wonder what it’ll be worth tomorrow 🙂

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