Leopard’s Launch In Jeopardy… What!?

There’s a load of malarkey floating around the net today suggesting Leopard’s launch is being pushed back.

OK. First things first. Pushed back from WHAT DATE!? No one knows what date Leopard is going to be launched outside of a very small circle of folks in Cupertino. Yeah, yeah… I know… the source’s “mother’s grandfather’s cousin had a friend who’s uncle knew a guy who babysat for someone who might have said something.” I call BS!

Apple’s going to ship Leopard “in the Spring” until they say different. The facts they’re not saying and we’re closing in on an opportune time for them to indicate just such a push-back are telling in and of themselves.

Second things second: Since when did Apple pin Windows compatibility on anything of theirs. For DigiTimes to suggest Apple’s delaying their GM of 10.5 to get BootCamp well integrated and embedded is kind of, sort of understandable but gnaws at me as being a fundamentally flawed release strategy and uncharacteristically NOT Apple-ish.

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