Listen… The iPhone Song Is Playing

Nuh, nuh, nuh, nuh, nuh… nuh, nuh! Nuh, nuh!
Can’t touch this.

– MC Hammer

There’s no stopping the train coming down the track aimed sqaure at the cellphone market. So, $.99 download per song isn’t going to woo anyone. Probably keep the same people who buy ringtones happy. YAWN! Make 50 of em free from eMusic like Cingular did for me today… and I’m all over that like white on rice. I’ll probably never nab another tune off of eMusic. But I appreciate the gimme. So, Sprint… when you gonna slip RD an iPhone and a $50 bill?

RD you out there!?

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One Comment on “Listen… The iPhone Song Is Playing”

  1. aRdent Says:

    You are dead right about that train. Sprint has had to bow to the market pressure and effective April 1 is dropping it’s music download price to $.99 ea . . . just in time for the launch of their new Samsung Music Phone. Like many Sprint phones, it looks very appealing. perhaps some of the stuff will actually work for more than three weeks between calls to tech support. Today’s Phone Scoop talks about both the device and the revised music pricing and “plan” options.
    Once again Apple leads and everyone else jumps up and says “me too.”
    Oh, did I mention that the $.99 music download is only if you have one of the Sprint POwerVision data plans, otherwise you’ll pay casual data download charges to get the songs OTA to the phone. Course they had to come up with a software kluge of their own to manage the music on your PC. No word yet as to whether it will even work on Vista; Mac users don’t hold your breath.
    Get ready for the hold time for tech support to increase by an order of magnitude.

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