iPhone Sells On June 11

TUAW reports the iPhone will go on sale June 11.

On the one hand I’d like to think this sounds about right. But, in the end who can really say except Apple. Right? But here’s the fanboy in me making it fit:

  • WWDC07 begins that very day;
  • It fulfills the “June” promise; and
  • I’m beginning to like my W810i too much… I need the iPhone before I change my mind.

Speaking of the W801i. Cingular’s service has been awesome. I’m in L.A right now for a petroleum geology convention. I’ve only had one instance where the phone let me down. And, it’s not fair to blame it on the phone. I was in the small city of LAX… you know the one… with all the planes! Yeah, ok. I really needed to place a call and kept getting this irritatingly nice recorded lady telling I couldn’t get through. Seems like every other person was experiencing the same dilemma as there were lots of folks dialing, phone to ear, hanging up, rinse, repeat. So, let’s blame it on the network or infrastructure. Still… all in all… Apple’s going to have to pull a rabbit out of the hat to part me with this phone.

Here’s a rabbit I think might be a persuasive one for them to attempt. The W810i has an fm radio. No big deal I thought. I find I’m liking it (gasp). Somehow, and I can’t say this for sure but I think there must be an fm blanking interval because my phone’s radio knows call letters and song/artist. Hmm. Now, if they can do that couldn’t an enterprising Apple then make that song easily purchaseable from their fm enabled iPhone via iTunes? Seems like a great distribution channel and one the radio stations and labels would go for.

What am I missing here!?

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