Grocio Lives!

Some time back I shared an idea with Robert Scoble, John Battelle, Jeremy Zawodny and a few others. Some had nice things to say. Others wrote in emails back, “Good luck with that one.” It’s certainly turned out to be a bigger challenge (and bigger fun) than I had ever imagined.

Well, I can now say is going into a very productivity driven, stealth mode.

Just what is Grocio?
Online grocery comparison shopping. We’ll help you get a little closer to your local grocers and in the process connect you with the least expensive shopping basket (time and again).

There are some demo reels. And, there is some background already out in the public by way of this blog.

That said, Grocio is diving deep to execute on the business plan. See you on the other side.

Meanwhile, I’ll still be blogging Apple. Specifically Leopard (which, btw, Grocio will be served on once it’s at the ‘go to market’ stage).

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