Apple, NAB, This Weekend…

So, what’s in store for us this weekend?

The AppleTV’s announced/shipping.
The 8 core bad boy is announced/shipping.
MGM’s in the iTunes store.

What does that leave?

HD content at iTunes Store
Rental of movies at iTunes Store
Final Cut upgrades
Leopard reveals of the “secret” stuff
Possibly some iPhone goodies (like 3G video, etc)

All but the last are really naturals for the show. The only real shock and awe would be if Apple unleashed BitTorrent inside of Leopard. ie. Part and parcel of the operating system. See, we still haven’t figured out why Apple bought that massive hosting facility last year. In fact, all eyes and ears have been deflected from that one. So, it’s classic Apple to misdirect attention away from key activity and then pull a rabbit out of the hat at an opportune moment.

I’m thinking THAT is going to be the mothership for all the iTunes hosting (that coupled with Akamai’s edge hosting).

NAB2007 could wind up being a watershed event for content creation and content delivery. Well, we won’t have to wait long to find out…

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