Leopard Release Date October ’07

[FINAL: The above is, by far, the best public demo on YouTube of what Leopard brings to the table I’ve seen so far. There was no harming of my NDA in bringing this link to you.]

[NOT SO FINAL: October 23 it is. :)]

[EDIT: Wanna see one of Leopard’s new iTunes visualizers from the latest 9A559 build? Yeah, I thought you would.]

[EDIT: Leopard seeds are accelerating. We’re now sitting at 9A559 as of last Friday night. This is rumored to be the final image. Frankly, I’m surprised we’re this far into September with new seeds. They absolutely have to stop the seeds and start cutting DVDs… Yes, you’re going to have to have a minimum config of a G4 with a DVD drive and better than 800MHz performance processor. It’s not clear if Dual-Layer DVD is going to be used. It has been “required” with the seed installs if using optical media up to this point. More likely to be a two DVD install set. Thanks for the sharp tongued devil “foofoorabbit” I am now a much older and wiser blogger of things Apple (see comments below).]

Apple’s just postponed Leopard to October. Stock was only punished by 3% today. Watch the selloff tomorrow. I might actually want to get my position back into Apple in anticipation of another split before too long and the eventual ride back up the slope. At least iPhone is on track…

That’s going to lend more value to the shareholders than Leopard anyway.
BTW, the opening video for Leopard was posted to YouTube in the last couple of days. Watch it. Once you’ve installed Leopard you’ll see it’ll have set the tone for a few things. More I cannot say.

[EDIT: This post has obviously nabbed quite a lot of link love lately by the looks of the stats. So, I’ll do right by those hoping to get an insight into the release date… The short answer is, no one knows what date Leopard is going to ship. Last word uttered on the matter is October 2007. So, that could be as late as October 31, 2007. It could be as early as Oct 1, 2007 (doubtful, but technically still doable). All of this is speculation. Apple (ie. Steve Jobs) could easily shift the date once again for any of a bazillion reasons. Trust me. What comes out is going to be BRILLIANT for sysadmins and programmers alike. The UI… well, folks, simply needs tweaking. At this point don’t expect major developments to rock our world. Human to machine interface on the other hand is undergoing HUGE changes. Watch for those and how they can potentially affect the UI. That’s where the action will be. Voice and touch input are going to be monsters.]

Pixar’s Lifted

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31 Comments on “Leopard Release Date October ’07”

  1. Eddie Says:

    Well, there’s one person that knows the date. First name is Steve.

  2. chaepod Says:

    @ Eddie
    Steve Who? How does he know!

    I think they’re going to release Leopard later than October 15th.
    Since they’ve finally finished the final image, it’s going to take at least 2 weeks to copy all of them and send them out to the world….

  3. foofoorabbit Says:

    “It’s not clear if Dual-Layer DVD is going to be used. It has been “required” with the seed installs if using optical media up to this point. More likely to be a two DVD install set”


  4. gwhiz Says:

    My first troll. Cool. (Of course, I could really *BE* as stupid as this highly credible ‘foofoorabbit’ feels that I am. In which case, I have a newfound respect for those with this name. Highly intelligent beings these trolls. Highly.)

  5. zeebe Says:

    gwhiz, WHY would it be a two DVD install set?? DVD players can read BOTH SL and DL DVDs, so it doesn’t matter if it is DL or not. Why would Apple package TWO DVDs when it will be cheaper to make it a DL? That makes no sense, and I think that is what foofoorabbit was calling you a retard.

  6. gwhiz Says:

    See… if that’s the case… I sure didn’t know that! Does ignorance = “retard”? Not in my book. Simply means “I didn’t know that and never thought to challenge it.”

    So, a little of my ignorance shows through… that’s ok. Maybe it helped educate some others out there in the process. (or maybe I’m the only goober in the audience).

    I stand by part of what I wrote… Apple has required up to this point… We have two methods available for installing the seeds: Dual layer (which I now know I can READ but no BURN) and partitioning drives per the instructions supplied.

  7. vassillios Says:

    god I love the internet

  8. parkia11 Says:

    Ignorance = complete benightedness…

    Thats the problem with the Internet gwiz anyone can write anything without reference or knowledge, and unless challenged will probably be sucked up by thousands. In this example I love the back tracking and the vain effort to not look like a simpleton…

    I really hope your knowledge of stocks is a bit better then that of optical storage… 🙂

  9. gwhiz Says:

    @parkia – I’m glad the challenge came along. I learned something and bothered to follow it up. No big deal. As for my stock prowess… I must confess – I sold Apple in back in Nov 06 somewhere in the 80’s. I think I’ll stay away from dispensing stock tips, too.

  10. Kiran Says:

    Hey, can someone explain me this – We are a group of students at Monmouth University and can we buy a 5 license Leopard Family pack and share the expenses amongst us? I emailed Apple and got no reply. This will definitely benefit the student community A LOT particularly when there are no amazingly AMAZING features, jus a lil’ here and there, then we can’t afford to spend $129 on a Tiger image with more Bells and Whistles!!

  11. gwhiz Says:

    @Kiran – This from Tiger’s product description at the online Apple Store:

    * Family Pack Software License Agreement allows you to install and use one copy of the Apple Software on up to a maximum of five (5) Apple-labeled computers at a time as long as those computers are located in the same household and used by persons who occupy that same household. By “household” we mean a person or persons who share the same housing unit such as a home, apartment, mobile home or condominium, but shall also extend to student members who are primary residents of that household but residing at a separate on-campus location. This license does not extend to business or commercial users.

    I’d say this makes it clear… “Family” means pretty much just that if you’re going to adhere to the software license agreement.

  12. AROBASE Says:

    Is there something wrong to believe that MAC OSX 10.5 will be released on october 5th ?

    Shipping of MACS are currently delayed for 5-8 days.
    This could mean that Leopard will ship included !

  13. gwhiz Says:

    @Arobase – A launch on the fifth is highly doubtful. Just this weekend we saw an update by way of software update to the latest Leopard seed. That doesn’t leave enough time for Apple to replicate media and kit the new computers up with Leopard collateral materials and the like.

  14. Drummerboy Says:

    Hello, Everyone I am waiting for Leopard to come out so I can buy an imac.
    I hope it comes out on October 5th.

    Does anyone know any info on if the new OS will be able to run a program called DP 5.0
    I run it on my g4.

    Well thanks!

  15. Ryan Says:

    i think that is has to be at least week away… On average it is about a 3 week delay from the final release of the beta version of an os to the actual release of an os. Since the last beta was released on sept. 27, I would guess somewhere near the Oct. 17.
    possible the 16… which is the nearest tuesday.

  16. Ali Says:

    Leopard release date: October 31st

  17. dulceLocura Says:

    gwhiz- about the dual-layers, i wouldn’t have known either. everything else is very helpful, forget the trolls.

    side note, i’m waiting to buy a macbook till leopard gets here, is it worth it?

  18. gwhiz Says:

    @dulceLocura – If you want to wait… wait. If you want to buy… buy. If there’s no compelling reason to purchase I’d say hold off until you KNOW, ABSOLUTELY KNOW the OS on the machine you are buying is factory loaded.

    I only say this because I know what our local Apple outfit went through then night before Tiger launched to image and install all the software on all the new gear and the support headaches that created.

    Patience is a virtue!

    Is “it” worth it? I’ve run all my seeds so far on a MacBook Pro ONLY. I *LOVE* it. The more I use it, the more I *LOVE* it. So, yeah. One guy’s opinion is it’s worth it. But, I’d wait to buy that machine until you’re absolutely sure what you’re buying has the factory installed Leopard on it.

  19. Corey Says:

    When Apple releases a major new version of Mac OS X, how long its it usually before they start pre-loading it on new computers. I’m hoping to get a new Mac soon, but I’m not sure if they’re going to continue to ship with Tiger for a few months, just to force people to pay for Leopard. Hopefully, somebody out there will be more knowledgeable about that then I am.

    Oh, and is this common for Apple not to announce the exact release date of a new OS until the very last minute? It seems strange that they’re not announcing when in October Leopard is shipping. It’s actually frustrating.

  20. gwhiz Says:

    @Corey – It’s immediately after release they START doing it. Problem is all the hardware in the stores with the previous point release already installed. Those dudes are expected to be updated pronto. Order one from the online Apple Store and you will absolutely have the latest and it will be factory installed.

    It’s totally not like Apple to hold up on the specific release. One possible reason for this is to gauge the interest level or to pique interest in it. Nothing like playing hard to get to create a frenzy for what you’ve got.

  21. just can't wait Says:

    i just can’t wait

  22. Dying here Says:

    I’m dying here.

  23. patiently waiting Says:

    It could be any day now right? I mean like any day!!! I NEED an iMac for my class and i’ve been dealing with old lab computers but we’re starting to get into heavy stuff. I need my computer… what’s the latest guess on when i can order my new computer with leopard?

  24. cantwait Says:

    Why is there no specific date? It’s not like Apple to not have a release date. What is it… just one day we’ll wake up and hear that Leopard is released today? I just find that hard to believe from Apple.

  25. gwhiz Says:

    @cantwait… That looks like EXACTLY what Apple’s about to do though.

  26. gwhiz Says:

    @patiently waiting – Some folks are saying Apple Sales (UK) says anything within 60 days gets Leopard free. I’m not so optimistic and if the shoe was on these feet of mine… I’d wait it out or phone the Apple Store 800# and see what they had to say about how it’s been handled in the past.

  27. macmad Says:

    I think it will release at the MacExpo in London 25th-27th oct?

  28. Tony Says:

    This is very impressive and I thank you for sharing your foreknowledge with the rest of us. One question: What in the world is that green icon on the dock that swallows and empties all those icons onto the desktop? It puzzles the hell out me, as I didn’t know that was a feature in Leopard! Please write back, and I am bookmarking this site. Thanks again!

  29. STILL patiently waitingf Says:

    Watch mac release it on October 31st… how dare they…

  30. Ju Says:

    Well the Apple store is currently being updated and its a tuesday, though this will probs be something to do with the iphone. I personally think they will release it on the 31st of October, as the “free ipods for students” deal ends on the 30th, an I dont think they will give people the chance to buy both a mac with the new firmware + a new ipod, i think that be too much of a good deal.

  31. Willie Says:

    It’s official!!! Apple has finally comitted to Oct 26th!!! Check the site!! Woohoo!!

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