Pryor Oklahoma and Server Farm

Well, it’s now officially announced by our Governor, Brad Henry… Google’s coming to town!

Over the next couple of years they’ll add 200 jobs to an 800 acre facility. 1 head per 4 acres of heavy metal. That’s gotta be some intense training and HIGHLY competent people. Well, Tulsa’s got the talent, that’s for sure and I’m thinking there are a TON of people on the coast could come here with all their California cash and make a killing in real estate. (hint, hint)

Pryor’s just outside of Tulsa. A really short drive. Nothing to do in Pryor except work, sleep and eat. Unless you call the Super Wal*Mart entertainment (some will). Tulsa’s the next metro area. Fort Smith’s not too far and Fayetteville’s fairly close too.

Now all we need is Amazon to park some of their S3 facility here and we’re good to go! 🙂

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