FOG!? Nope. AGOG!

Mr. Scoble’s preaching to a different choir today… I just don’t see it the same as my advertising and marketing cousin’s out there I guess… At least the ones who were playing in Cancun this weekend.

I’m raised and bred from the advertising camp (recovering art director am I, you know?). So, when I hear this “Fear Of Google” (aka FOG) bit going on out there I stop short of calling BS! on Mr. S. just because I *KNOW* he’s right. Just like I *KNOW* there are publishers/librarians out there terrified of Google Scholar. Both camps are equally ignorant! Wake up folks. There’s a huge opportunity out there guys. Use the tools! Help Google iterate and make them even better. Fear is the enemy! Treat Google like the distribution channel it is and reap the rewards. (Your competitors either are doing so now or are about to be).

IMHO, Google’s put together one helluva pay for performance jujitsu party. Ad Words + Analytics + User Tracking Module + Urchin + Commerce Tracking Module = Analytics Nirvana. Most of it’s FREE! (Well, except the Urchin stuff. But still!)

FOG!? No way!! AGOG = Another Gaggle Of Googlers!

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